Products and services

We supply steel structures used for the frames of industrial and civil buildings such as shopping malls, residential buildings, office spaces, schools, kindergartens and industrial halls.


Welded beams and their further processing

This product family includes WQ beams manufactured on an automated welding line, WI beams, BOX beams and other welded and further processed profiles.



Profiles and their equipping

This product family includes various steel structures made of profiles premanufactured by rolling, such as columns, trusses and windbreaks.




Other steel structures

We also supply welded steel structures for other purposes such as for the energy industry or mechanical engineering products.



Gratings and steps

Our selection includes the most common models and sizes of gratings and steps manufactured in the EU.




Design and installation of steel structures

In cooperation with the partners in our network we also provide steel structure project design and installation services.


Constructions services

We carry out construction projects as turnkey contracts.